Platforms of the Rockefeller Site

The INMG-PGNM benefits from the proximity of state-of-the-art infrastructures to ensure its competitiveness and attractiveness. These technical platforms, open to public and private users, are part of the Lyon-East Health Research Federation and the Léon Bérard center.


The Equipex PHENOCAN PIA, has enabled the acquisition in Lyon of state-of-the-art ultrasound and tomography equipment allowing optimal design and characterization of pathology models.

ANIPHY is a center of physiological explorations dedicated to the cardiovascular, metabolic and muscular domains and to the exploration of the autonomic nervous system. This platform, integrated into the AniRA network and the TGIR Celphedia, is labeled IbISA. It’s dedicated to the academic and industrial scientific community and provides the development and provision of tools and methods for exploration of physiological and physiopathological models.

CERMEP is a preclinical and clinical in vivo imaging platform open to practitioners and researchers from the academic and industrial worlds.

The CERMEP combines the multimodality of imaging with its eight cameras, the ability to conduct methodological research in imaging related to associated laboratories, a radiopharmacy for the development and production of PET radiopharmaceuticals, implantation within one Europe’s densest hospital and university sites favoring translational research in neuroscience and cardioscience.

Thus, the mission of CERMEP is to use medical imaging PET, MRI, MEG and X to answer physiological, physiopathological, pharmacological and therapeutic questions.


The CIQLE is a microscopy platform open to actors in academic and private research. The CIQLE provides its skills:

– in photonic and electronic imaging: design of experiments, sample preparation, assistance, training on equipment and data analysis. Custom trainings are also offered.

– in histology: realization of histological and routine immunohistochemistry techniques, (sample preparation), assistance, training on equipment.

The CIQLE is a founding member of LyMIC (Lyon Multiscale Imaging Center), the IBISA microscopy imaging platform in Lyon with the CTμ (Doua site) and the Platim (Gerland / Lyon Sud site).


ProfileXpert provides the set of high-throughput genomic tools needed for Transcriptome and Regulation analysis, Genome and Epigenome analysis



The objective of the C3D platform is to give fundamental research teams who have discovered a gene, a protein or a signaling pathway involved in a pathology, the tools to define molecules of interest called “drug candidates” acting against this target.

The avaibility of this platform at the heart of research and care in Lyon allows scientists to:

– accelerate the transfer of the results of basic research to applied research,

– facilitate the implementation of clinical studies and the subsequent development of drugs that can meet an unmet medical need.

Under the responsibility of Stéphane Giraud, the C3D platform offers researchers a high-level scientific and medical environment as well as innovative infrastructures. It has its own technological facilities and multidisciplinary skills (biology, medicinal chemistry, non-clinical development) needed to conduct a pharmaceutical research project .



UPCET offers its partners in the industry, health products and public research, a platform dedicated to clinical research:

– Optimization of the development of therapeutics by modeling

– Transactional Research Study

– eCRF Studies

– Multicenter Studies, International Studies

UPCET also offers medical technology assessment studies as well as observational studies.Études eCRF

  • Études multicentriques, Études internationale


L’UPCET propose également des études d’évaluation des technologies médicales ainsi que des études observationnelles.