Photos: Eric Le Roux / Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1


IPS_PGNM technical platform

The iPS_INMG technical platform is a service of the NeuroMyoGene Institute (INMG), under the supervision of the CNRS, Inserm, the University of Lyon and the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1. The platform manages services related to the manipulation of cells used for research in biology and health, in particular induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSCs).

IPSC cells are used for the modeling of pathologies. Thus, from the cells of the skin or the blood of a patient carrying a genetic disease, it is possible to reprogram them into stem cells, to make them proliferate, and then to differentiate them in the type of cells that expresses the disease (muscle cells, heart cell, brain, …). The differentiation step is guided in vitro by the use of adapted growth factors. The researchers then have a source of diseased cells to study the mechanisms of the pathology, to test therapeutic molecules or to evaluate the toxicity of a product.

The objective of the platform is to encourage scientific cooperation aimed at the development of cell applications as well as the exchange of technical data concerning their use.

The iPSC control line “AG08C5” has been reprogrammed to the MaSC platform of the Medical Genetics Center of Marseille (MMG). The video made in Lyon shows the morphology of the cells during 4 days of culture (1 image / hour).


The iPS_PGNM technical platform is open to any request from an academic or industrial player, please contact us to assess the feasibility of your project.

To implement its mission, the platform develops know-how:

– Method and expertise in cell culture: reception, culture and freezing of primary cells and cell lines, traceability and quality control of cells.
–  Support for in vitro differentiation projects for iPS cells: In partnership with the applicant, the platform can explore several differentiation protocols.
– Support for genetic modification projects of cell lines: In partnership with the applicant, the platform can genetically modify a cell line.
– Training in cell culture methods used by the platform.
– Collection of cell lines.

Equipment and biological resources

The technical platform uses a cell culture laboratory (L2 containment level) equipped with 2 Biological Safety Stations (PSM), 2 incubators, 2 microscopes.


Technical Manager iPS_PGNM Platform

06 88 74 09 83

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