Head members
  • Elodie FELS, PhD Student, President
  • Charline ROY, PhD Student, Vice-President
  • Kassandre COMBET, PhD Student, Treasurer
  • Laloé MONTEIRO, PhD Student, Vice-Treasurer
  • Simon ROUBILLE, PhD Student, Communication Manager
  • Francisco JAQUE, PhD Student, Web Master
  • Yoann LE TOQUIN, PhD Student, Secretary


YRIN’s goal is mainly to gather and represent the INMG’s young researchers and reinforce their role in the institute. We want to enhance the diffusion of scientific knowledge to general public and promote the PhD and post-doctoral formation.

In order to achieve those aims we take part to different actions :

-organization of scientific & thematic meeting between PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

-organization of friendly evenings and meals between students, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows

-organization of scientific mediation events linked to sensitize the general people and the educational institutions to the different research thematics of the INMG.”


“For any supplementary information concerning the events we organize or any suggestions, please contact us through the different means recapitulated in the above rubric «Contacts».”




You want to contribute to the life of the young researchers of the Institut, don’t you? So, join the YRIN team!

Feel free to contact us by email : yrin@univ-lyon1.fr.”